I have served as the thesis advisor for the following students.

PhD Students

Arseny Kurnikov Trusted Execution Environments in Cloud Computing, PhD Thesis, Aalto University, 2021
Supervisors: N. Asokan and Jörg Ott
Sandeep Tamrakar Applications of Trusted Execution Environments, PhD Thesis, Aalto University, 2017
Supervisor: N. Asokan, Co-advisor: Jan-Erik Ekberg

Masters Students

Fritz Alder TEE2 Combining Trusted Hardware to Enhance the Security of TEEs, TU Darmstadt, 2018
Supervisor: Stefan Katzenbeisser
Max Reuter Privacy Preserving Deep Neural Network Prediction using Trusted Hardware, Aalto University, 2018
Supervisor: N. Asokan, Co-advisor: Samuel Marchal
Mariia Kovtun Scalable Honeypot Monitoring and Analytics, Aalto University, 2018
Supervisor: Tuomas Aura
Aku Silvenoinen Accountable De-anonymization in V2X Communication, University of Helsinki, 2017
Supervisor: N. Asokan
Klaudia Krawiecka Improving Web Security Using Trusted Hardware, Aalto University, 2017
Best Information Security masters thesis in Finland 2016-17 [Aalto, Tietoturva, Oxford]
Honorable mention by the Finnish Society for Computer Science [Aalto]
Supervisor: N. Asokan
Rakesh Gopinath-Nirmala Improving the Security and Efficiency of Blackchain-based Cryptocurrencies, Aalto University, 2017
Supervisor: N. Asokan
Rui Yang Java APIs for Trusted Execution Environments, Aalto University, 2016
Supervisor: N. Asokan, Co-advisor: Thomas Nyman

Honours Students

Thandi Tesfagiorgis Security and Privacy of a Deployed Smart Meter System, University of Johannesburg, 2015
Supervisor: John Ledger